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At Salty Hair Extensions our journey began with a commitment to quality that's unmatched. A decade ago, as our founder, Krystal, delved into the world of hand-tied hair extensions and the struggle was REAL—shedding, matting, and bulky wefts created chaos. Determined to revolutionize the game, we introduced our premium wefts. These aren't just strands; they are a testament to strength, durability, and the perfect balance between weightlessness and longevity.

We’ve meticulously sourced our wefts from Western China, adhering to ethical standards and rigorous protocols, ensuring every weft reaches you with the Salty stamp of confidence. As a beaded row extension specialist, Krystal knows the frustration of losing clients to poor-quality hair. That's why we took matters into our own hands, crafting hair extensions wefts that exceeds expectations. No more thin, bulky, or matted messes after a couple of washes. We've put in years of tweaking and fine-tuning to present a product we're genuinely proud of!

At Salty Hair Extensions, our mission echoes in every strand: to empower and embolden stylists. We're not just a brand; we're your ally in delivering the best versions of your clients. Join us in our mission of confidence and excellence

You deserve tools that match your passion, and we're here to empower you with top-tier quality to your clients, so they feel like the best versions of themselves.

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