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What is the difference between hand-tied wefts and premium wefts?

  • Hand-Tied Wefts: These are traditional hand-tied wefts, meticulously crafted and hand tied with tight and thin knots. They can NOT be cut, and each bundle contains 8 wefts, approximately 120 grams of hair.
  • Premium Wefts: These innovative extension wefts are flatter than traditional hand-tied wefts and CAN be cut from anywhere without unraveling. They are stitched tightly and evenly in the thinnest possible way, and because of this do not have the sometime “itchy mustache” that can be cumbersome on hand-tied wefts. Each bundle has 6 wefts, approximately 150 grams of hair.
  • Learn more about our premium wefts here.

How many grams are the hand-tied wefts?

Each Hand-Tied weft is approximately 15 grams. Hand-tied wefts are sold in packs of 8 wefts.

How many grams are the premium wefts?

Each Premium weft is approximately 25 grams. Premium wefts are sold in packs of 6 wefts.

How many grams are the half packs?

Each Premium weft is approximately 25 grams. Half Pack are sold in packs of 3 wefts.

Are your extensions single drawn or double drawn?

All wefts are super double drawn, ensuring fuller ends and higher quality. This means more consistent thickness from top to bottom.

How many wefts do I need?

  • For a full head (meaning two rows), using hand-tied wefts it's recommended to use 7-12 wefts, depending on the desired fullness. This applies Hand-Tied.
  • For a full head, using premium wefts we recommend 6-8 and no more than 9 wefts. These wefts have more hair per weft making it heavier. 
  • Always consider the health of the clients hair and the weight their hair can handle so to not to cause damage with too much weight on a row. This applies to both hand-tied and premium wefts.

What’s your return/exchange policy?

  • At Salty Hair Extensions, we prioritize trust and transparency. If you're unsatisfied with our product quality, we offer a hassle-free 100% refund within 30 days, covering shipping both ways for unused hair. To initiate an exchange or return, please contact us at support@saltyhairextensions.com within 30 days. Ensure items are unopened, with original ties intact. Hygiene is essential; opened items can't be returned. All approved exchanges will be shipped prepaid by Salty Hair Extensions, arriving within 7-10 business days after we receive the product.
  • For more details, visit our full exchange policy page.

I’m having trouble accessing my account - what should I do?

First, try resetting your password. If you still cannot add hair to your account, please reach out to us and we’ll help you get in!

How should I care for my extensions?

For a comprehensive guide on caring for your Salty Hair Extensions, including washing, drying, and essential tips for the summer, visit our detailed Hair Care Instructions. If you have specific questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our support team at support@saltyhairextensions.com.