Detangle hair when hair is dry with an extension-safe brush before shampooing.

Shampoo and condition with sulfate-free, and free of alcohols professional products every 2-3 days.

Gently massage shampoo back and forth into the hair, getting a good lather at the top of the wefts.

Let shampoo run down ends while rinsing with warm water.
Repeat shampoo 2x.

Apply conditioner to mid-shaft and ends of hair, let it sit for 3-5 minutes, then brush the conditioner through your hair with an extension safe wet brush. Rinse out conditioner.

Do not rub upward against the cuticle. Always lather using a downward motion.


Squeeze out excess water with a towel. Apply conditioning oil to ends (we prefer L’oréal Mythic Oil) and spray in leave-in conditioner/detangler (we like 12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment).

Allow to air-dry 80%. Only use a blow dryer on low/medium/cool for the final 20% of the drying process.

Style as normal. Brush hair daily while holding weft with one hand to prevent pulling/tugging at the scalp.


Going to the beach with extensions?

If you’ve heard that you should braid your extension before going to the ocean… Or start braiding your hair when you go IN the ocean. That is actually a recipe for disaster!

Instead secure your hair at the base of the wefts, with a rubber band, so they stay in place. Then to keep the rest of the hair from tangling put it in little rubber bands, making a bubble pony. OR you can twist the ends into a tight bun. (I like to secure using the lululemon rubber bands.)

If you do get crazy knots in your extensions, here’s how you can get them out:

  • Step 1 spray leave in conditioner
  • Step 2 brush gently through your hair
  • Step 3 part it out of the way to focus on one row of extensions at a time. Brace the base of the weft to your head with one hand while you gently pick through with the wet detangler brush
  • Step 4 brush from underneath wefts as well as top
  • Step 5 feel all around wefts with your fingers to make sure there are no lumps or knots

I can not stress enough the importance of using extension safe sunscreen. Even overspray will damage your extensions. My favorite is Bare Republic Mineral Sunscreen.

Besides the Bare Republic sunscreen, my beach bag essentials are:

✨Unite 7second detangler

✨@glowbeauty wet brush

✨ Loreal Mythic Oil


Never cut the hand-tied hair weft; doing so could cause shedding/unraveling of extension hair.
Premium wefts are safe to cut.